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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my printer isn't working and it is showing a service code or says SC###?

Please call (970)262-2555 or (800)260-8806 to speak with our support staff.

What should I do if my printer has a jam and I cannot find it?

Please call (970)262-2555 or (800)260-8806 to speak with our support staff.

Will Savin MFPs support printing from a Macintosh PC or laptop?

Not without a PostScript3 card installed in the Savin MFP. You may try installing Parallels (emulation software found ) with Windows installed on top of Parallels, then install the Windows Savin Drivers in that emulated environment. Please contact your sales representative about PostScript3 chips for your Savin MFP.

What file format will the Savin save scans as?

Files can be saved as a TIFF image, or as a PDF. Some models also support JPEG.

When scanning, where do the images go?

We can configure the MFPs to save to any shared folder, either on a stand alone PC or on a server. Scans can also be sent via email as a PDF to an email account.

Can I email the scans directly from the scanner?

Yes, as long as you have an email account already set up, we can configure scan to email.

Can I track print jobs per user or department?

Yes, print jobs can be tracked for accounting purposes. This is common in industries where many contractors use the same printer but the prints need to be charged by contractor or agent.

How do I find my machine's IP address?

User tools/Counter, System Settings, Interface Settings tab, Machine IPv4 Address.

How can I connect to a Savin MFP for printing or scanning?

You can go to this link for a process on quickly adding the Savin drivers for printing or we can connect your printing via your network. Your scanning via Ethernet or wireless. Twain drivers can be installed as well, for applications that can take advantage of this feature.

Setting Up a PC to print

How do I set my print driver to always print black and white?

For the PCL driver, right click on the printer and go to "Properties" or "Printer Properties". Select the "Advanced" tab and click the "Printing Defaults" button. Use the drop down menu to select "Black and white". Click "Ok" and then send a test print to verify.

Troubleshooting Print / Scan issues:

I can no longer Print to the Savin:

This can be interesting to troubleshoot, please verify the following:

  • You have "link" lights on your Ethernet connection (found on the side of your machine where the "telephone like" plug is connected. Look for a green and a yellow/orange light. If both are unlit, then there is no connection to your network. Look to identify what is disconnected or turned off; switches, routers, servers, etc...
  • Verify the IP address of your print driver matches your Printer - consult with your IT support.
  • Verify that the Savin is turned on - don't laugh this happens!
  • Ask around to find out if anything in your network has recently changed. Not surprisingly, the initial response is "No nothing has changed" - only to discover that ISP providers have recently changed, and the DHCP IP network addressing has changed entirely. Savin MFPs are typically secured with fixed IP addresses and will not carry over any network addressing changes unless explicitly changed on the machine. After identifying what in the network has changed we can reflect the changes in the Savin settings. (see above for more comments related to ISP changes). If you anticipate an ISP change or require DHCP addressing (for all network nodes) as part of your network requirements we can set up the Savin to be "called" or utilized by other naming conventions (not supported by all Operating systems).

I can no longer Scan from the Savin to my scan folder:

Without engaging in a lengthy write up, we simply list some of the common problems:

  • The password for the credentials being used by the Savin to authenticate to Windows has changed.
  • The folder has moved to a different location not recognized by the Savin MFP.
  • A firewall setting or installation is blocking SMB or Netbios. (this is perhaps the most common issue- esp. with Norton 360). Firewalls must be configured to accommodate SMB. As a rule we do not configure personal or corporate firewalls - you must have this done in concert with your IT consultant.
  • Netbios is disabled.
  • Credentials used to authenticate to Windows for the specified folder do NOT have write permissions.
  • If using ScanRouter software - most commonly the "Administrator" credentials under which ScanRouter was installed have changed and need to be reflected in the Admin utility in ScanRouter.
  • Check all the reasons listed in the: "I can't print" Q/A.
  • The destination scan folder is no longer being shared.
  • Share permissions exist, but NTFS permissions are not adequate.

When I name a file for scanning - it doesn't go through.

Make sure the file "name" does NOT include any reserved characters like /,\,:,.@.

Scan to email no longer works:

This is usually a result of one or more of the following causes:

  • Most commonly there is a typo in the email address - double check that everything is entered correctly.
  • Second most common - The SMTP server authentication has changed; a password has changed that needs to be reflected in the Savin.
  • DNS server settings have changed.
  • Check everything noted in the: "I can't print" Q/A.
  • You recently changed ISPs and the old SMTP server settings do not map to the new ISP set up.

When scanning larger (many multiple page) documents - the delivery fails or unexpected results occur:

A1 - Usually this is because the "Max email size" is set and the document size when scanned exceeds this size. Also some Internet or email providers limit the size of emails. You can disable the "Max email size" settings in "User tools --> Scan settings".

A2 - When faxing there may be insufficient RAM installed in the machine to accommodate larger documents. Please inquire with your sales representative to see if there is an upgrade available.